Animal Cruelty

In these last two terms year six have been doing a long task called exhibition. We were put into groups based on what we’re interested in. My topic was Animal Cruelty. I did this with Maddie, Caitlin and Kayley. Some of the other topics were:

  • Creative Arts
  • Inner Peace
  • Medical Technology
  • Mental Illnesses
  • Natural Disasters
  • Refugees
  • Terrorism
  • War

And many others…Mara Safari-0515.jpg

Each group had to make a central idea and three lines of inquiry. Our central idea was: There is conflict about the way animals should be treated which disrupts peace. And our three lines of inquiry were:

  • Different organisations have impacted the way animal cruelty is viewed
  • People have different perspectives on how animal cruelty is viewed
  • Animal cruelty has threatened animals in the past
Different organisations have impacted the way animal cruelty is viewed:

This was about how organisations, such as Four Paws, Greenpeace, RSPCA and WWF, make a difference and help animals. We each picked an organisation and researched into how they helped animals. I picked Four Paws and I learned so many different things about the amazing organisation. We also emailed them and Four Paws replied with a document full of answers to the questions I sent.

People have different perspectives on how animal cruelty is viewed:

We researched into what people thought about animal cruelty and how they treated animals. We looked into how different countries react to animal cruelty and what kind of cruelty they commit. Kayley made an interactive map to show animal cruelty in different countries.

Animal cruelty has threatened animals in the past:

We researched into threats like poaching and whaling, as well as the history of animal cruelty and how it started. We also looked into which countries had done the most harm to animals in the past.



A Powerless Planet

In art we had to create a collage to do with our exhibition topic.

I used different shades of blue to form the water and I used printed animal skins to form the countries. I ripped and overlapped the blue paper to create an uneven effect. I also printed a world map, so I could see what the countries looked like. I cut them out and stuck them in their correct position.

I was, doing animal cruelty, so I found an animal skin from each country that’s endangered. A Red Wolf from North America, a Turtle from South America, a Lynx from Europe, a Cheetah from Africa, an Elephant from Asia, a Tasmanian Tiger from Australia and an Arctic Fox from Antarctica.

The message in my artwork is that nothing is perfect and we’ve all done something wrong. If that wrong was bad or severe, it doesn’t matter. We’ve all done something to effect the environment.

I overlapped pieces of paper to look like the ocean. The ocean is wavy and imperfect, so I thought it would work.

It was hard to make the continents because I had to cut them by hand and I didn’t have a good picture.

I really enjoyed the exhibition and I learned a lot.

What do you know about animal cruelty?

Picture: MudflapDC via Compfight

~ Daniela

Preparing For Next Year!

Year 7

For the past two days all of our school’s future year seven students came to to do an orientation. Everyone (Including the new girls) enjoyed meeting each other after a long, refreshing holiday. It was great to see all my friends again, but before that we had to do some tests to see what classes we needed to be in. It gave the teachers an idea of the level we’re at in different subjects. After the tests were finished we were put into five groups for the tester lessons, red, orange, yellow, green and blue. In these we got an idea of how classes worked and what the teachers were like. The tester lessons included art, science, drama, food tech and PDHE (Physical Department of Health and Education).


In art our drawing skills were put to the test. We had to Flowing Acrylic Paintpick up a pencil and put it in our bad hand (For me it was my left.) Then we had to look at the person opposite us and draw them, without looking at your paper. I drew Natalya, but you can’t really say it looked like her. For most people it basically looked like scribbles, but it was a lot of fun. Then we had to draw something in the room upside down. Thankfully this time it was in our normal hand. I thought that it wasn’t too hard and everyone’s turned out pretty good. Our last activity was to draw something you like. Your partner had to hold a mirror, so that you could see the paper, and you had to draw it looking only at the mirror. It was really funny to watch when you moved the pencil and it went the opposite direction, it was so confusing to do.


In drama we had a difficult challenge ahead of us. We had to stare straight into the eyes of a partner a “moo” at them like a cow, if you laughed you were out. I laughed in the second round and so did my partner. It went on for a while until the drama teacher told us to move on to another activity. This one involved making up an impromptu scene. It started with one person and then a second one joined in and changed the scene completely. When the teacher said “space jump” a new person would come in and replace the one that’s been on for the longest. It was a lot of fun to watch the play, but unfortunately we had to finish before everyone had had a go.

Food Tech


For food tech we baked bliss balls, which are chocolate balls covered with coconut. It was really interesting to learn how to make them. And the best part was that we got to keep them!



In sport we played fun games to do with running.


In science we investigated how fireworks are different colours. We used paddle pop sticks to see the different colours.



  1. Mark Chadwick via Compfight
  2. File:BlissBall1.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Chinese Cinderella

This term we’ve started novel studies, which is where you talk about a text with your group. We read up to a certain point each week and we are assigned different tasks every week, that show what we’ve learned from the book. There are six roles:

Discussion Director – You think of a few questions, relating to the text, that prompt discussion.

Word Wizard – Find words in the text, that you don’t know the meaning of, and write the definition.

Literacy Luminary – Find a passage in the text that you find is important or expresses emotion. 

Connector – Find similarities between the book and: the world, yourself and another book.

Reporter – Summarise the section of the book you read.

Artful Artist – Create something from the book. It could be a model, a type of food, a drawing, a painting or anything creative.


This term I’m reading Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. It’s about an unwanted daughter named Adeline Yen Mah. Her mother died giving birth to her, so everyone considered her bad luck. She was the best in kindergarten and achieved a medal every week. She struggles to prove herself worthy.  The author Adeline Yen Mah describes her experiences growing up in China during the Second World War.



Passion Project ~ Reflection

On Thursday last week we presented our passion projects to the school. Classes came in and walked around our stands, looking at our passion projects. They could ask us questions like how we did our passion projects or why we chose to do our passion projects.

The day before we made posters to stick on our stands. Mine looks like this:



I thought it went really well. Everyone had amazing things to show, that they were passionate about. A few people came to mine, but most people came to chose who had videos to show. I need to think of an engaging way to present mine if I ever have to do something like this again.



These are the links to all my passion project posts:

Week 1/2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7.

Passion Project ~ Week 7


On the weekend I stuck on the gems, using an iron and then I sewed the leotard together. My mum helped me sew the elastics around the leg, arm and neck holes.

This is how it turned out:

Me in my finished leotard


This week is when we have the chance to present our project to the Jr school. We have half a desk each and if we need to we can use a mannequin. Our parents or grandparents can come to see them in the morning and throughout the rest of the day other year groups will come. We will answer questions and explain what we did and why we chose it.





Passion Project ~ Week 6

I have nearly finished the leotard. I’ve sewed all the patterns on and I have done a tester gem on the fabric. I changed the design a bit.

I cut the patterns for the leotard. I did a few practise ones and then I sewed the real ones onto the leotard. My mum stuck a glue material underneath the patterns using an iron. It made the fabric less stretchy and easier to sew.

This is how the front of the leotard turned out:


These are the fabrics I used:

Passion Project ~ Week 5

I haven’t had an enormous amount of progress, but I’ve still completed areas of my final leotard. I’ve cut the black fabric into a leotard shape.

This is the back of the leotard.

This is the front.

I’ve also started learning how to sew using a sewing machine. With the sample materials I had, I practised sewing along the edges and then sewing over them, to attach them to the black fabric. Here is one of my tries:

This is a strip of gold fabric. I am not going to use, but it still served as a porpoise. I used it to practice for the real materials.

By the next blog post I’m going to aim to have sewn on the patterns and started sewing the leotard together.

Passion Project ~ Week 4

I’ve gotten the black fabric from the shop. I’ve also drawn and cut out the patterns for my leotard and I’ve pinned the patterns onto the black fabric. I’ll soon cut the leotard and then start to sew the patterns on. I know in my plan I said that I’ll complete the black leotard and then sew the patterns, but it’s easier to sew them on when the fabric has only been cut and not sewed together.

These are the patterns I drew and cut:


This is a picture of the patterns pinned to the fabric, about to be cut:

Before my next post I’ll have finished cutting the black fabric and I’ll have started sewing the cheetah print and gold fabric to the leotard.

Passion Project ~ Week 3

For my passion project I’m making a leopard print gymnastics leotard. To know when I have learned to sew, I should be able to make a leotard that doesn’t fall apart and I should be confident to sew something else. I have started gathering samples of the materials, to see which ones I should use. I have also made a design of the leotard.

Here is a picture of the sample fabric:

I have chosen to use the gold fabric.

I am going to use the leopard print and the black fabric.

The shop these sample fabrics come from is open on every day, except Sunday. I’m not free on the week days, so I have to go this Saturday. It’s going to be really hard to sew a leotard in seven weeks, but I’ll try my hardest.

My mum and I also went to Spotlight to get the sewing patterns:

Once I get all the fabric my mum and I will start to sew the black leotard.

Crystal Cities

In art we had to create an imaginary city, inspired by Rob Dunlavey and Lina’s quote from the City of Ember. “In my mind, I see another city. The buildings are tall and sort of sparkle. I know it’s just my imagination, but it feels real. I think it is real.”

Rob Dunlavey created crystal cities like these:

My artwork is meant to be a City at a night. I didn’t have time to add glitter and all my friends told me to keep it how it was. The blue is the water. I know a crystal city is meant to sparkle, but I wanted to make mine unique by not using many colours.

My Finished Artwork.